seen yesterday.

(photo by

in one of my french classes
the prof is actually pretty slim.
nevertheless her massive tits
nearly reach the bellybutton.

uni was pretty busy this week.
the sketch for spanish class
didn't work out so well.
but the google presentation
for grh was awesome.
merci à le meilleure groupe.
and special thanks to audrey,
for taking care of the "erasmus".

thanks babybel.
for bringing me a ... eh a ruler?!
i really appreciate that.

yesterday i accidentally
used my hairspray instead
of the deo.
i wouldn't recommend.
they stood very close.
and they are both black.
and it was morning.

the cashiers in supermarkets
are unbelievably slow.
they should have a closer look at aldi.
and usually you can
see in their faces
how truly they adore their job.
that's why i am nice.

i don't know how.
but my beloved loyal camera left me yesterday.
she survived australia,
but paris was too much.

i met this strange jobless guy
from den haag in the metro.
he asked for the time.
but only to start a conversation.
i realized, when he sat himself
right next to me.
he left the metro to talk along,
only to go back after a few seconds
to catch the next train.
but he was actually nice.

yeah, sure.

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