coiffeurs privés.

the metro is slowly cooling down.
so you only sweat every
second time riding.

i took the stairs.
for the first time.
since 1 and 1/2 months.
and only because
the elevator was blocked.

we have been to that
exhibition on saturday.

in the conseil économique, sociale et environnemental.

more pics are about to come.

and i finally had some macarons
at ladurée.

(photo by

i miss my little jena.

later that day,
marialena and jannis cut
my hair.


despite we vacuumed several times
i still find small hairs everywhere.
even on my desk.

on sunday morning
was a cat on the balkony.
on 5th floor.
and she was staring at me.
i agree, cats sometimes look at you
in a weird way,
but that one was staring.
maybe because i just left the shower

the internet.

urban knitting, yarn bombing, guerilla crochet...

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