french word of the week: mezzanine

i tried another laundry.
a few days ago.
i thought i'd be smart.
it promised to be cheaper.
it wasn't.
of course not.

i went in.
bonsoir madame.
but the answer came from a rough manly voice.
or years of whiskey and tabacco abuse.
many years.

ja klar.

the french had some strong asian accent.
not really understandable.
at least for me.
but he wouldn't stop talking.

ly kim told me
his/her son maybe daughter,
i'm not too sure,
is going to study economics.
to work for bnp paribas.
ly kim thinks nothing of
marketing or management.
he/she made that clear.
the room in the back
ly kim could only reach
through a 20cm gap
between the washing machines.

ly kim was coughing the whole time.
even if he/she wasn't smoking
at all.
i'm still not sure what gender
ly kim belongs to.

room floor is clear,
closet refilled.

the internet.

colorful face illustrations by minjae lee.

monthly inspiration #1



more pics on facebook.

the internet.

drawing with water and ink.

tour eiffel.

i finally made it
on the eiffel tower.

interesting lunch before.

look closer.

can you spot the birds?

the internet.

nature artworks by walter mason.
more on flickr.


two weeks ago
we've been to an
awesome restaurant.
in the 10th arrondissement.
called sésame.
great food and a nice atmosphere.

i can really recommend that place.

if you are in paris.
go there.

the internet.

let your plasma tree grow.
or an entire forest.

père lachaise.

oscar wilde.

spot the difference.


sharing a cigarette with jim.


the internet.

carved landscapes.
in books.