marché aux puces #2

want more?

the internet.

check out some pictures of photographer samuel bradley.

helix pomatia.

french word of the week: réapprovisionnement.

i finally tried escargot.
it was really good.

got a food poisoning later that night.
puked in the métros trash bin.
several times.

still hoping it wasn't caused by the escargots.

would eat them again.

the internet.

california-based artist andrew meyers creates 3D portraits with screws.


french word of the week: échantillonnage.

pinterest is a virtual pinboard.

organise and share the stuff
you love and find on the internet.

discover new things browsing the pinboards
of people with the same interests.

follow the pinboards of your friends
as they can follow yours back.

pinterest comes with a 'pin it' button
for your webbrowser to easily pin (add)
pictures to your boards
while experiencing the amazing internet.
i now added my pinterest profile to the blog.
next to my other pinboards

you will find one especially dedicated
to the blogs pictures.

as the fastest growing social network
with 17,8 million visitors in february,
6,1 million more than in january (!),
i am not alone thinking,
pinterest will be the
'next big thing on the internet'.

want an invitation?
email me.

more info.


the internet.

a chair made out of 10.000 drinking straws.
by scott jarvie.

monthly inspiration #3




inspiration from the last month.