french rage.

french word of the week: l'hétérogénéité.

french rage.

musée du louvre. (photo by janis.)

the profs here got a real bad attitude.
i was late
because of inscription for the french courses.
she seemed really angry.
the next time i will be running late,
she will eat me alive.
maybe they don't get paid properly.

at least she speaks clear french.

i finally managed to get drunk in paris.
and the next day again.
vive la bohème.

i learnt some greek.
aspros patos. ade gamisou re, malaka.
it's now getting really confusing.
german, french, english, spanish and greek.

we've been at penys & apostolias place the other night.
peny made some spaghettis.
with ketchup and cheese.
fast food, she said.
it took 1 hour.

yesterday i've seen a man
pinning advertisement for chimney sweeping.
he removed one of the little pieces
with the number on
from every note,
right after he put them on the wall.
that's marketing.

i bought 40 of these baked things
at carrefour today.
took me half an hour to finish 30.

debating. (photo by marialena.)

place de la bastille.

new pics on facebook.


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