new design 2.

new design.

what else to say?

i created a page on google+.
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80 likes on facebook.
thank you guys for your support.

the internet.

pictures by aboriginal artist george tjungurrayi

absolut disco.

epic christmas tree.


i'm not sure
if this is a present.
or a joke.

what do you see?

my christmas present.
to me.
certainly the best beer.
in the world.
no comment.

the internet.

check out some leaf carving art.

blow me away.

i had the most
awesome christmas eve ever.
we had a few bottles
of wine.
before we met the others
who had their friends over
from greece.
eventually it took us
one hour to get there.
a light breeze of pepperspray
and kebap on the way.

due to a misunderstanding
i got a pink beer.
i think it was supposed
to be a beer.
then we went to a bar.
barely no one was there.
but some 50 year old
crazy dancing women.
and poles everywhere.
we ate all the fingerfood
and bummed off some freedrinks.

a french guy took us
to club called banana café.
a gay club.
as we soon realized.
with quite a few drag queens.
scary at the beginning.
funny in the end.
except for the touches
on the butt.
i was home at 7
and slept like dead.

loss of the night.




all pictures from
definitely check out that blog.


a few days ago.
they put a chrismas tree
in the hallway.

usually it looks like this.

and now it looks
like this.
style clash.
at its best.

fröhliche weihnachten, deutschland.

the internet.

my christmas present
for you guys.

watch the evolution going.

sorry, the embed code
didn't work.
just watch it here.

le marais.

long time ago.
at le marais.

the internet.

money trees?!

rainy days.

french word(s) of the week: n'importe quoi

paris is rainy these days.
and cold.
and stormy.
my balcony door seems
to break sometimes.

we've been to that
bar yesterday.
called pili pili.
aside from the name
a really nice place.
with a friendly barkeeper.

i recognized.
nail biting is decent.
for french people.
everybody does it.
at every age.
all the time.
in the middle of the conversation.

jannis' neighbours cat watching you.
even creepier than mine.

do you like rabbit?

the internet.

cinemagraphs are still photographs
in which a minor and repeated 
movement action occurs.

definitely check out.

chez elisa.

being with people.
being alone.

happier pics on facebook.

the internet.

highly creative pictures by chema madoz.
seen at