les flics.

77 hours, 1 minute and 26 seconds
without internet.
is there anything worse?

french word of the week: le truc.
last week actually.

i'm ceo, bitch.
owned another presentation on monday.
french students avoid using
little paper cards with notes on.
they just hold a fully written
sheet of paper in their hands.
or place it on the table.
even better.
marinaded chicken wing taste.
not bad.

the french/english mix,
we speak between the erasmus students,
is slowly being replaced
by an acceptable french.
but it's still bad.

there is sometimes music
all over the block.
i finally saw 2 musicians
with trumpet and tuba
strolling down the street.

i just left the house the other day
to go anywhere.
a cab was blowing the horn.
long time.
strangely long time.
suddenly the police was everywhere.
cars, bikes, anything.
8 officers ran out of the entrance
in front of me.
sharp whistling.
they waved down the cab
and pulled out the driver.
end of the story.

the line 13,
which i apparently
have to get on every day.
is overcrowded.
but at least you get in touch
with different people.
and with plenty of different
mouth odors. you can't imagine.

13, if you can read this,
i hate you.

thanks, upec.


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"Lucky 13", mate.

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