french word of the week: bouche à oreille.

latest model of jawa.

i finally opened a bank account.
the lady printed.
and printed.
seemed like she is printing a book.
then she signed.
felt like 50 times.
then me.
but only 30 times.
and with every signature
i had to write the phrase:
"lu et approuvé"

i went to mcdonalds,
and they were pretty gentle.
the lady thanked the kitchen
for making my 3 cheeseburgers.

then i went to a brasserie
finally again,
for a coffee.
the bathroom there was barely
a square meter.
to enter you actually
had to climb over the toilet.
or just leave the door open.

online cookie.

i finally met adeline.
the girl who gave me
her room straight away
without knowing anything about me.
extraordinary. i think.
thanks again.

back home.
i wanted to go to bed.
but clement and martin
were in the kitchen.
so we had a little chat.
until 4 in the morning.
countries, languages, stuff.

clement said,
childhood ends with realizing
your parents getting old.

so true.

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