french word(s) of the week: l'eee
(l'espace économique européen)

i love it to buy fresh baguette.
every day.
apparently none of them

ever reached the house
without being tasted by myself.

last week a car stopped.

at the crosswalk.
for the first time.

but i waited.
because i didn't trust it.
5 minutes later
the same thing.
we've been to the bonaparte concert
that weekend.
we got there late.
not one ticket was left
on the black market.
so we couldn't get in.

eventually we sent federica
to talk to the bouncers.
they let us in.


excessive satisfaction.
rated as the most bohemian band ever.
by me.
meeting your star.

more pics on facebook.

the internet.

highspeed photography by edward horsford.
seen on:

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