11.11.11 (!)
armistice 1918.
the end of world war I. we went to paris photo.
in the morning.
but still had to wait.
a while.
since everyone was starving.
we had all-you-can-eat sushi.
food coma included.


peter wanted to see
the exhibition of the designer
hussein chalayan. Linkat les arts decoratifs.
which we could enter for free.

at least i could take one picture.
before i was beeing told
that it's forbidden.
in an unnecessary harsh way.

instead of going home
after the exhibition to study

we decided to go shopping.

which is only logical.

i got a jeans chemise

from a vintage store.

at le marais.

and finally trousers
in the proper size.

we finished that day
with a fantastic falafel.

the internet.

check out some stunning pictures
martin stranka.

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Peter S. Yang said...

Chalayan - breathtaking. Mode is always so hush hush, but you captured a couple of the best looks.

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