english please.

scroll down for english.

[aufgrund der wachsenden nicht-deutschen lesersch
werde ich von nun an in englisch schreiben.
ich hoffe, dass ich mich annähernd so gut ausdrücken kann,
wie in meiner geliebten muttersprache.]

new: stumble my blog. (whoat?)


we had some pretty hot days.
so bringing my shorts wasn't completely useless.

i'd put some lemonade to the test.
the cheap one failed miserabely.
due to the price.
probably. vive l'orangina.

i bought some potato salad the other day.
the small package.
the price per kilo was less
than the much bigger one. (?!)

i had to buy a deodorant for 4 euros.
no alternatives left.
but found some wine for about 1 euro.
got me 3 bottles.
as compensation.

uni is hard.
i have to learn stenography,
to follow the powerpoint.
if there is one.

the profs are definitely strict,
with their rules.
if you are late,
you can't join the class.
doors closed.

the prof is sitting the whole time.

my class today was pretty sick.
nearly every girl had the sniff.

as a parisian of choice,
you have to get used to
the constant presence
of urine odor.
every 5 meters
a tiny running leftover from a dog.
every 10 meters
a pile of shit.
already spreaded on the sidewalk.
careless pedestrians.

and i'm not even talking about the metro.

we went to that party on a boat.
someone of franz ferdinand supposed to be the dj.
i didn't recognize.
location was awesome.
atmosphere was lame.

more pics on facebook.

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