blow me away.

i had the most
awesome christmas eve ever.
we had a few bottles
of wine.
before we met the others
who had their friends over
from greece.
eventually it took us
one hour to get there.
a light breeze of pepperspray
and kebap on the way.

due to a misunderstanding
i got a pink beer.
i think it was supposed
to be a beer.
then we went to a bar.
barely no one was there.
but some 50 year old
crazy dancing women.
and poles everywhere.
we ate all the fingerfood
and bummed off some freedrinks.

a french guy took us
to club called banana café.
a gay club.
as we soon realized.
with quite a few drag queens.
scary at the beginning.
funny in the end.
except for the touches
on the butt.
i was home at 7
and slept like dead.

loss of the night.




all pictures from
definitely check out that blog.

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